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We love music.

November 24, 2009

DanceNOWChicago loves music (for obvious reasons). We also love the unexpected. The two together….well, you can only imagine.

The Gillick work that is up at the MCA has got me thinking a lot about where we encounter music and just how much we engage with it. Music is so prolific in some spaces (like restaurants, coffee shops, and stores) that we hardly notice it enough to even appreciate it. On the other hand, when we encounter music in unexpected places (like a museum) we have a different engagement with it-we are automatically more turned on by it and tuned in to it.

Today for example, I encountered a man fiddling around with a finger harp while waiting for the red line. It was disarmingly lovely.

Here are a couple other disarmingly lovely things I have encountered recently regarding music. Enjoy.

Just incredible.  I want to play it so badly!

(who knew Philip Glass wrote music for Sesame Street?!)

P.S. Speaking of music, did you download the song for the next guerrilla dance party yet?

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