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Next Guerrilla Dance Party: The holidays aren’t for everyone.-EVENT CANCELED

November 20, 2009

Sorry DanceNOWChicago-ers…have to cancel this one. Been too busy and it’s too effing cold. We’ll catch you when we thaw out.

Until then….HAPPY 2010!

The holiday season is upon us and while some folks live for the never ending carols, crowds on Michigan Ave. and extra pounds put on thanks to Trader Joes’ seasonal items…the holidays simply aren’t for everyone.

Luckily, some friends of mine from back home wrote this song last year for the rest of us and in honor of all things humbug, we’ll be rocking out to it this month.

Here’s how you can join in and dance out all that holiday rage:

1. Download It’s Christmas, What’s the Difference by The Films. You can find it here on iTunes

2. Map the location: On Michigan Ave. in front of the McCormick-Tribune Ice Skating Rink

3. Show up on DECEMBER 12, 2009 @ Noon sharp (yep…12/12 @ 12:00), push play and watch those holiday pounds melt away as you dance your little heart (two sizes too small of course) silly.

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