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Get your dance on: vimeo

November 8, 2009

I’m always surprised at how few people (in the dance community especially) use vimeo. Unlike the majority of YouTube, vimeo is a place where people really showcase creativity and professionalism in the video arts. Certainly, it can be used by anyone and for most anything, but the potential for artists to connect and have their work seen and followed are much greater on this forum than many others.

Here are just a few of my current vimeo favs to get you started:

Chicago’s own 30 Seconds of Dance: Just what it sounds like….30 second long clips of of dance/dancers in Chicago.

Screendance: This group is dedicated to dance made for and/or showcased on the camera.

Davey Dance Blog Channel: This channel showcases one mans quest to dance EVERYWHERE.

I hope this can get some more folks started on vimeo….but first things first, don’t forget to become our contact on vimeo.  Find more noteworthy folks/groups/channels on vimeo?  Tell us about it!

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