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Redmoon’s cool factor: Firing on all cylinders.

November 1, 2009

As I’m sure you all know by now, I think incredibly highly of Chicago’s Redmoon Theater. Yet just when I thought their coolness factor couldn’t get any higher, they go and perform for Halloween at the White House. Coolness=Through the roof.

Redmoon at the White House

One of the coolest things about this to me is that community Halloween celebration lives right in the heart of Redmoon’s history. For years Redmoon created All Hollows Eve, a community Halloween spectacle for the neighborhood of Logan Square, not only bringing their unique form of wonder to that neighborhood, but engaging them in the creation of it. As Redmoon continues to grow in leaps and bounds, they maintain their roots by always exploring this engagement and exploring with a profound optimism a communities’ own capability and drive to make art and ritual together, even without an “artist” present.

Redmoon Swans

Lucky for us, their next production Winter Pageant mounts here in Chicago starting November 20th.  Filled to the brim with Redmoon performance and objects, this show is a favorite of Redmoon fans and is a great first glimpse into their work for new folks.

Winter Pageant | November 20th-December 27th | Thursdays & Fridays at 7:30pm Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00 & 7:30pm | Redmoon Central, 1463 W. Hubbard Street, Chicago | Get your Ticket

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