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Countdown to Dance #2: Monday

October 26, 2009

Only four days until our guerrilla dance party to Thriller and we’re here to help you be the best guerrilla dancing zombie you can be. Each day this week we will feature a different tip to help you get ready for the big dance.

Today’s feature: Getting your zombie on.

Sure a zombie costume can be as simple as ripping up an old t-shirt and slapping a little fake blood on your face, but we here at DanceNOWChicago appreciate a little creativity. Try coming up with a little backstory. Here are some ideas to get you started:

The zombie prom queen, offed by a jealous cheerleader, the zombie prom queen is revived and walks the earth protecting her crown from that bitch.

zombie prom queen

What you’ll need: 1 tacky prom dress, 1 plastic crown, 1 skewed sense of priorities

The zombie farmer, pecked to death one day when his hens had had enough, he walks the earth hoping to befriend a werewolf who’s into retaliation.

zombie farmer

What you’ll need: 1 pair of overalls, 1 handful of hay to throw in your hair, 1 hour to draw all the peck marks on your face

The zombie stock trader….it’s 2009….do we really need an explanation on this one?

zombie stock trader

What you’ll need: 1 old suit and tie, 1 pair of scissors to rip them up, 1 failed portfolio

The zombie hipster, run over when riding a fixie for critical mass for the first time.

zombie hipster

What you’ll need: 1 pair of skinny jeans, 1 obscure band t-shirt, enough bus fair to get you to Hamlin Park from Pilsen

The zombie cubs fan, died waiting to win a world series. Came back only to continue to be disappointed.


What you’ll need: 1 cubs hat, 1 cubs jersey, 2 fingers to stick in your ears while singing “Lalalalala I’m not listening!”

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