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Oh, MCA.

October 20, 2009

One of the many reasons I love my job at the MCA…I get emails that say things like this:

Be advised that the performance video in the Ed Center contains full frontal nudity….please be aware and try not to focus students’ attention towards that wall. Thank you for your help.

For more about this video, read trailerpilot’s great review of the show it relates to.

jeff koons

As a bonus, please enjoy this oldie-but-goodie list of potential talking point to be prepared for that I received regarding the Koons exhibition last year.  Classic.

Q: Who is Jeff Koons?
Q: Where is Jeff Koons from?
Q: What is his work about?
Q: Is this the artist whose works sell for so much money?
Q: What are the photos in the “Made in Heaven” series supposed to mean?
Q: Is that the artist’s image (or Jeff Koons) in the “Made in Heaven” photos?
Q: Was his wife a porn star?
Q: Why would you bring this kind of art to the MCA?
Q: Why is there so much nudity in this exhibition?
Q: I am very offended by the works in the exhibition.
Q: I have a problem with seeing children viewing this exhibition – can you tell them to leave?
Q: Do you let school groups tour the exhibition?
Q: I didn’t realize that the works would be so graphic – why wasn’t I warned before I went in?
Q: I would like to complain about the works in this show, what should I do?

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