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Tips that actually are no help at all.

October 16, 2009

I Googled “How to do the Thriller dance” in hopes of creating a roundup of tips and videos that might inspire our next dance together. What I found instead (much to my delight) was a slew of tips and how to’s that are virtually impossible to decipher. Here are my personal favs:

Arms straight up to clap over head. Left leg as far out as possible. With knees bent, drag your right leg so your feet meet. This part is a bit tricky to master, so make sure to pay close attention to the video.
Repeat to the other side.
Clawed hands, one arm above other. Move from side to side. Walk like an Egyptian.
Repeat to the other side.

Feet shoulder width apart, take several clockwise steps with left foot only to turn your body 180 degrees.
Walk with feet shoulder width apart, hands on slightly bent knees.
Feet forward, right arm in the air waving back and forth–fingers should all be together, as if you’re spray-painting a wall.

Stand with your left toe pointing towards left and your right heel on the floor and toes pointing towards the left, such that your weight is on your right leg. Now use your right foot to push and slide to the left. To ensure your do not trip off or slip try to maintain the speed and direction of the push. This should be done with the help of the left toe.


20 points to anyone who guesses which parts of the video each tip is referring to.

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