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Art in the new world.

October 7, 2009

It' all about you.

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker of mine at the MCA regarding our work there as artist guides. She was talking about her new interest in including performance and spectacle in her work as an artist and how she had a feeling it was due in part to her experience as an artist guide. She told me how she sees our work as a sort of social experiment in which the basic framework does not change, only the people invited into it, which ultimately changes the experience and the outcome-like a performance (the museum and the work is there, we’re there, we invite student into this world, and each time it is different.) In some ways, the tours themselves are art.

Doing some pre-exhibition viewing reading about Liam Gillick, who’s work will show at the MCA from October 10-January 10, this conversation came back to me and with all these thoughts in my head, I have to wonder: Is art for today more about the conversations had about it and less about the actually work it self?

I often find myself telling my students that they are 90% of the artwork-if not more. That the work sits there in the museum day in and day out, but that until they come there and activate the space, the artwork does not truly exist.  The artwork itself serves as an intervention into our thoughts, hijacking our attention just long enough to connect us.  The result is a new work of art-a relationship with our fellow man.

Could this be the art of the new world?

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