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What happens when guerrilla theater grows up?

August 29, 2009

Redmoon Theater

Here in Chicago we are so privileged to have countless opportunities to see people making all kinds of performance art.  Few, however, are making the kind of breathtaking work that Redmoon Theater produces (and might I add has produced for over two decades.)  Once a small group of guerrilla performance and puppetry artists, Redmoon has grown into an all-encompassing community of performers, builders, designers, directors, costumers, and educators.  So what happens when a guerrilla theater grows up over the course of 20+ years?

Well, for one, they continue to make work that reaches into the communities of Chicago (they just make it even bigger.)  With the always present intention to choose a wide-array of interactions and venues in which to express their unique vision of the unexpected, Redmoon is constantly accepting new challenges and reaching into their bag of tricks (which includes puppetry, installation, shadow-work, etc.) to create unimaginable acts of spectacle theater.  They also continue to reach across artistic and even professional lines to collaborate with other companies, spaces, and artists in Chicago and around the globe.  (One such reach found them performing an impromptu opera in city hall on Earth Day.)

In their newest work opening in September, the theater extends their collaborative reach all the way to Norway.  The spectacle work titled Last of My Species features Norway’s cutting edge underground musician, Laarna Cortaan.

This production is suitable for modern citizens of all ages, shapes and sizes, don’t miss what promises to be a spectacle concert event like no other. Come early, bring a picnic, enjoy the sunset, anticipate the spectacular.

I’ll be there and you be should too.  Come see why Redmoon’s tagline, “Engineering Wonder” is only the half of it.

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