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Environment Informs Movement

August 20, 2009


Environment dictates human movement.  That is a fact that is easily observed through human history.  For my purposes, I am most concerned with the way some artists exploit this fact of beging human.  Some visual artists like Olafur Eliasson construct pathways in their work that requires certain movement participation simple to move through the exhibition; to get from one room to another (this space to the exit) one must travel through a piece and therefore participate in this active way of viewing.

Other artists like Chicago choreographer Carrie Hanson of The Seldoms likes to find spaces and allow them to inform the creative process.  In recent years, Hanson has created modern dance works in such unusual venues as an empty outdoor park district swimming pool (GIANT FIX, 2005) and a 17,000 sq. ft. garage (Convergence, 2008).  These works use dance to really explore aspects of environment and movement including perspective, disorientation, and the dialogue that exists between ourselves and our surroundings.


Convergence, 2008

Now this lovely Chicago dance company has the great opportunity to travel to Russia to the International Festival Contemporary Dance “Isadora” in April 2010. While they are there, they will be performing, teaching, choreographing and engaging with Russian audiences and students.  Like many arts organizations, they are relying on donations to help make this trans-Atlantic exchange of their craft happen.  The good news is, you can help.  Visit their website to contribute to their exciting journey (and learn more about their dancers while you’re there.)

Help the Seldoms

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